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Quick Update: Livestreams (tonight), podcasts and Clubhouse, oh my

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Quick Update: Livestreams (tonight), podcasts and Clubhouse, oh my
By Manny Faces • Issue #51 • View online
Dear friends of ‘the world’s smartest Hip-Hop newsletter!’:
First off, the curated newsletter you’ve come to know and love will return weekly starting in April. 🎉
In the meantime, a couple of quick things to share that relate to what we’re all here for: the elevation of humanity through Hip-Hop music and culture!
Let’s get right into it!
💚 - Manny Faces, Founder/Exec. Director, The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy

The acclaimed ‘world’s smartest Hip-Hop podcast’ is back! First, with a couple of “Lost Tapes” releases… Interviews that were conducted over the past year (that was a hell of a decade), but never made it out to the e-waves. Still, they are as relevant today as the day they were recorded, so if you’re not already following the show, click here or search “Hip-Hop Can Save America!” on your favorite podcast or streaming audio app to catch up, get notified of future drops, and check out the latest episode, a fascinating look at the intersection of Hip-Hop and philosophy.
Yes. We think very deeply.
News Beat presents “This Week In Social Justice,” streaming live WEDNESDAYS at 8 p.m. ET. on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.
Join us on this interactive program to share your thoughts on recent news and ongoing issues as we welcome special guests, break down important issues, and sprinkle in our unique brand of Hip Hop-fueled journalism along the way. (Try to catch us live, but if you miss the shows, they’ll be up on demand.)
Manny Faces presents “Words I Mannyfest,” streaming live WEDNESDAYS at 9 p.m. ET. on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.
A livestream talk show, with discussions about Hip-Hop culture, social justice, independent artistry, technology, innovation, as well as the occasional shenanigan, and babies. And puppies! Sometimes TOGETHER!
Preferred platform:
So, I’ve recently (finally) joined Clubhouse. I suspect that I will be weaving in a lot of this work over there sooner than later, so if you’re on the platform, please seek and follow me: Manny Faces! 👋
As always, please also consider the following:
All of these little things will go a long way toward advancing our mission to preserve, protect, and promote Hip-Hop’s ability to improve humanity, fight injustice, innovate industries, and save lives.
Thank you.
– Manny
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