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The world's smartest hip-hop newsletter - Special Edition
By Manny Faces • Issue #50 • View online
Welcome to ‘the world’s smartest Hip-Hop newsletter!’
I had planned to deliver a couple of newsletters in September, but to be honest, I was a bit … busy.
Many of you know that I also produce and host a podcast, “Hip-Hop Can Save America!”, which largely interviews folks who are using Hip-Hop music and culture in innovative ways that are improving society, in areas including education, health & wellness, science & technology, politics and social justice, the fine arts and much more.
In September (because I apparently thought pandemic life wasn’t complicated enough) I decided to take that podcast to the next level and broadcast LIVE videostream episodes four days a week for the entire month!!
Somehow, I pulled it off.
We had a great guest every episode from across various industries and disciplines, all serving as incredible ambassadors for Hip-Hop’s ability to uplift humanity.
Below are links to the individual episodes from the course of the live video series. All of these episodes (as well as past, future, and bonus episodes) can be heard by subscribing to the podcast, but the video episodes can also be seen on YouTube and Facebook.
I think you’ll find these to be informative and inspiring, and fill you with the kind of optimism that we all could use a little more of these days.
We’ll be back to curating and delivering great stories of Hip-Hop innovation from around the web soon. In any event, please consider these ways to show support:
All of these little things will go a long way toward advancing our mission to preserve, protect, and promote Hip-Hop’s ability to improve humanity, fight injustice, innovate industries, and save lives.
Thank you.
💚 - Manny Faces, Founder/Exec. Director, The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy

Hip-Hop and Social Justice with Innocence Project Ambassador Silent Knight
Hip-Hop Theatre, Pedagogy, Financial Literacy with Dyalekt
Hip-Hop Musicmaking, Black Panther, Healthy Living with ADUM7
Hip-Hop Pedagogy: Teaching Math & Teaching Teachers with Dr. Marti Cason #HipHopEd
Legendary Hip-Hop Photographer, Ernie Paniccioli
Critical Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Working with Institutions and Empowering Youth with Mikal Amin
Social Justice Meets Hip-Hop With The Groundbreaking, Award-Winning News Beat Podcast
Improving Public Health With Hip-Hop: Lori Rose Benson from Hip Hop Public Health
How Hip-Hop Remixed The Fashion Industry with Elena Romero (Fashion Institute of Technology, Netflix - The Remix: Hip-Hop x Fashion)
Building Community, Connecting Creatives, and Facilitating Impact with #CultureFix
'Why White Christians Need Hip-Hop' with Delvyn Case
Hip-Hop x College: Guiding Students to Success with Dr. Nate Nevado
Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education President Dr. Tasha Iglesias
Hip-Hop x Technology + The Cultural Importance of Mixtapes with Sommer
Hip-Hop Improving Mental Health Therapy & School Counseling with Dr. Ian P. Levy
#VTDITC: Hip-Hop Studies at Virginia Tech with Craig Arthur
Freestyle Mondays + 20 Years of Evolving Artistry with Corey James Gray (fka Illspokinn)
New York City Recording & Rehearsal Space -
New York City Recording & Rehearsal Space -
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Click the image to learn more!
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